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What is Letterpress?

Letterpress PrintingEmmaline Lamond
Letterpress Coaster

Its funny when you live and breath a thing you feel like everyone must also share this passion for your thing…this is how I feel about letterpress. It lights my fire, gets my blood racing and sets my mind free, what else can I say really really love it!

Even though I know its still a specialty way of printing and of course not everyone shares my passion, though I am sure some of you do, some people have never even heard of letterpress, can you believe it?!


So today I thought I would answer that question, so just what is letterpress anyway?


Well I could give you a run down on the history of the printing press and wax lyrical about what a sad world we would live in if Johannes Gutenberg never gave us moveable type, but lets face it, letterpress is so much more than that.


Letterpress is an experience of the senses. Its beautiful to look at, the wonderful hand mixed ink in every colour ever imagined, the beautiful fonts coupled with funky design make a mini feast for the eyes. The impression stamped deep into the soft and beautifully textured 100% cotton paper begs not only to be touched but to be caressed by the softest part of your finger tips so no detail is left unexplored. 

Letterpress is an experience of the senses

For the printer the sensory experience continues, each antique printing press has a voice of its own, singing its siren song to the printer as it bites into each fresh piece of cotton paper. The ink is a perfume the printer comes to love as they taste the excitement of printing each and every new piece of letterpress art.


So when you open one of my cards, stop, take a minute and admire the colour and stroke the paper like no one else is watching and smile as you imagine good old Johannes printing for the first time…yes it really would be a sad world if he never gave us moveable type.

Letterpress First Birthday Card
Letterpress Business Cards