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Help! I Don't Want Kids at My Wedding!

Wedding StationeryEmmaline Lamond
Child Free Wedding

Ok its your big day and you have been planning your wedding forever and want it to be perfect, perfectly child free that is….

There are many reasons a couple chooses to have a child free wedding:

·      maybe it’s a budget thing- you just can’t stretch to accommodate all those extra little people

·      maybe it’s a venue thing- you’re having a cocktail reception in a fancy bar

·      or maybe you just want your friends and family to have a night off and really celebrate with you.

For what ever reason you have decided on a child free wedding or reception, We know this means you still love your nieces and nephews and your friends cheeky three year old, we know your not bad children hating people, you just want a child free celebration.

But now for the tricky part, how do you tell your guests?

I have seen a few different methods employed some more direct than others…

Two obvious solutions to start with:

·      Have a cocktail reception in a 18+ venue, then there are no arguments and you don’t have to play security at the door, the venue will take care of it for you.

·      Hire a baby sitter, this might be a more expensive solution for you, however offering a baby sitter at the reception venue might be just the thing to allow your friends and family the chance to really enjoy themselves at your reception sans children. This is also a great option if you are inviting children to the ceremony but not the reception or you are having a destination wedding.

Remember a little bit of wedding etiquette, the purpose of your invite is to invite people to your wedding

You can use your RSVP card to tell your guests by including guest names or number of guests invited.

Maybe you just want to include it on your invite, this is a great option if you are not including any extra information cards with your invitations.

However, I do have to stop here and remember a little bit of wedding etiquette, the purpose of your invite is, to well, invite people…not to un-invite people.

If your budget stretches its probably more polite to put it on an info card, or on your wedding website if you have one.

Examples of actual wording might include (some more direct than others):

‘please respect our wishes for a child free celebration’

‘we want our night to be a night of relaxation and respectfully advise that our reception is adults only’

‘this invitation is extended to adults only’

‘children are very welcome at our ceremony but our reception is an adults only affair’

‘while we love to watch children run and play, this is an adults only kind of day’

‘children at the ceremony, we’d love them on the scene, our reception, however is an adults only theme.’

‘strictly no children please’

One last little hint, get your Mum and future Mother in Law on board and have them spread the word before your invites are sent out, this way your guests are prepared and it won’t be an unwelcome shock to any of your guests.

Best wishes!