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Letterpress Coaster Wedding Invitations

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Letterpress Coaster Invites

Sam first contacted me full of enthusiasm and ready to create a unique wedding ‘invite’. Though not quite an invite as she and Tony had already created a wedding website, they decided they also wanted to create a small keepsake invite.

It was important to create something that would fit in with the theme of their wedding- industrial meets botanical. You know how much I enjoy a unique wedding theme, so of course I just couldn’t resist creating something fun for this one.

We actually started out with a much more complex design than this but through a number of design reviews we came to this final and much more sleek design.

I was pleased to be able to incorporate some hand lettering into the design as nothing makes for a truly unique wedding invitation like hand lettering.

The final colour choice was a dark sparkly silver to reference the industrial part of the original theme, Sam had decided it was best to keep the botanical part to the reception decorations rather than clutter up the invitation with too much detail.

nothing makes for a truly unique wedding invitation like hand lettering

The final product was a short and sweet letterpress coaster invite that focuses on the most important people of the day Sam and Tony and their love for one another.

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