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How to Invite Your Bridal Party

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Bridal Party Proposal Cards

He popped the question, you said yes! There are so many plans swirling around in your head, what date should you choose for your wedding, Church Ceremony or a Garden Ceremony, when can you start dress shopping and most importantly how are you going to ask your closest friends to join you on this wedding journey? 

Some people take a more casual approach to inviting their friends to be a part of the all important wedding party and just ask over coffee, some are more formal and make proposal announcements at their engagement dinner. 

Whatever your approach putting your proposal in writing creates a great memento keepsake, I have created a set of hand calligraphy and letterpress Bridal Party Proposal cards, including cards for each member of your Bridal party. Remember you can stamp your style on these cards by requesting a custom ink colour.

Wedding Party Cards
Bridal Party Request Cards