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Romantic Wedding Invitations

Wedding StationeryEmmaline Lamond
Romantic Wedding Invitations

The blush of a bride, the kiss of roses against soft skin, and the sharing of golden wedding bands all impart a certain sense of romance to weddings. They are the union of two souls and they are celebrations that deserve to be announced with a decided flourish.

When chatting with Candice about her wedding day desires, I was struck by the sweet and innocent touches her wedding would utilize. I wanted to capture that romance in these bespoke wedding invitations and she was delighted with the results. Her wedding invitations features the following specifics:

Measurements: 4.7 x 7 inches Fonts: Formal Serif fonts Colors: Hand mixed navy blue ink Paper: 100% cotton Crane Lettra

Hand lettering, and hand pressing invitations using a vintage 1920's letter press and bespoke mixed ink, is an art and by incorporating small touches I am able to create art that mimics the bride and groom. In this case, the flowing script was embellished with a heart connecting the bride and groom. This simple detail set the tone for the wedding and warmed the hearts of all her guests. 

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