Coco Press


A small but mighty letterpress + lettering design studio committed to creating beautiful new things, in old ways.

What is Coco Press?

A small but mighty letterpress and lettering studio creating wedding stationery and hand lettered design that is a little left of centre, a little bit feminine and a little bit fun.

Why Coco Press?

Are you looking for beautifully unique letterpress wedding stationery and perfectly calligraphied wedding place cards and envelopes or an elegant hand lettered greeting card to set you apart from the crowd?

Helping you to put the best version of yourself or your wedding celebration forward to the world is what I strive to do at Coco Press.

I value customer service, one on one consultation and creating beautifully crafted and unique products for each and everyone of my clients.

Creating Wedding stationery and hand lettered design that is a little left of centre..

I value the process of working with you to create bespoke design solutions that celebrate your story. Your story is the starting point for each design journey I undertake, I love to discover your passions and vision and to take these conversations to create wedding stationery and personalised hand lettered paper goods that are perfectly you. 

I also value our environment and where ever possible choose to work with environmentally friendly papers and envelopes

Who am I?

My name is Emmaline, you can call me Emma or Em thats fine with me.

I am a Mum to two beautiful and inquisitive girls and partner to a seafarer that has us living a semi-nomadic lifestyle as we travel from one part of our vast country to another, we are about to achieve four states in four years! Sometimes these moves can be a bit tricky, especially as my collection of antique printing presses continues to grow.

I am a self taught letterer and letterpress artist, but don't let this fool you, I am also very passionate about what I do and I'm only happy when I create something wonderful.

I love to listen to wedding plans, business plans and creative dreams of all kinds, it really lights my fire and stokes my imagination. Please don't be shy share your story with me, get in contact (emma(at)

I value creativity and quality over quantity, I choose to work with clients who inspire me, this guarantees you the best most beautiful new logo or the most unique and personalised wedding stationery.

I also value our environment and where ever possible choose to work with environmentally friendly papers and envelopes, with local businesses first and with  other businesses who also value a sustainable business. I offer products made from 100% recycled kraft card, envelopes and archival quality art prints made with 100% renewable green energy. I also recycle the vast majority of my waste paper, donate my paper off cuts to my daughters playgroup for craft activities, walk to the post office and use environmentally friendly cleaning products in my clean up process.

I have worked hard to hone my craft and my creative voice, I have been lucky enough to be selected as an Etsy Australia Design Awards Finalist (2015), to be featured on Vintage Bride Blog, Eco Brides Blog and on the Polka Dot Bride Blog.

So What is Letterpress Anyway?

Well I could give you a run down on the history of the printing press and wax lyrical about what a sad world we would live in if Johannes Gutenberg never gave us moveable type, but lets face it, letterpress is so much more than that.

Thanks so much Emma, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, it has been so easy and a great process! Thank you for converting my vague idea into a beautiful reality.
— Elizabeth, Brisbane QLD

Letterpress is an experience of the senses. Its beautiful to look at, the wonderful hand mixed ink in every colour ever imagined, the beautiful fonts coupled with beautiful design make a mini feast for the eyes. The impression stamped deep into the soft and beautifully textured 100% cotton paper begs not only to be touched but to be caressed by the softest part of your finger tips so no detail is left unexplored.

For the printer the sensory experience continues, each antique printing press has a voice of its own, singing its siren song to the printer as it bites into each fresh piece of cotton paper. The ink is a perfume the printer comes to love as they taste the excitement of printing each and every new piece of letterpress art.

So when you open your stationery, stop, take a minute and admire the colour and stroke the paper like no one else is watching and smile as you imagine good old Johannes printing for the first time…yes it really would be a sad world if he never gave us moveable type.

If you would like to get in contact please don't hesitate emma(at)

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